Singapore: The Highlights


Singapore: A city of excitement, elegance and humidity.

Singapore is a beautiful city both by day and by night. What I love most is that there are different areas to suit the tastes of everyone. There’s the ultra modern, ultra chiq boat quay surrounded by posh hotels, the one and only Marina Bay Sands and high rise business buildings and then there’s the cultural China Town with peaceful Buddhist Temples and quaint markets, for the green space lovers there’s the huge and beautiful Botanical gardens with lots of different areas and then for the sun seekers, there’s Sentosa Island – home to all of Singapores’ beach clubs.

Singapore highlights

At night – wow; you have plenty of options. Whether it is a relaxing evening meal on the waters edge at Boat Quay or a night on out on the town on Arab Street, or even a sophisticated night up on the 57th floor of the Marina Bay Sands ‘C’est La Vie’ again, Singapore really does offer a little something for every Tom, Dick and even Harry…

Singapore by night
Singapore by night

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